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Dad: Why do you think they do that?
Girl: Because the companies who make these try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff instead of stuff boys want to buy.

that awkward moment when a child understands the harm of forcing gender roles better than most grown male politicians.

Always reblog.

I’m surprised that I haven’t reblogged this, to be honest.

I love that last gif.  She looks so frustrated.  Like “Um, hello, obviously girls and boys can like anything why doesn’t anybody get that???”

She does have a point though..

Kids who are smarter than adults though.

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God, is it really possible that you’re this insecure? You’re not just a sex machine, Mark. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’ve got skills, but you’re a good person. Why do you think Little Miss Muffin fell for you?



Drive Recklessly - Video

dawg. wtf is wrong with y’all 😭

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Claude Monet’s home, Giverny

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